Why Bungee?

Well, we love data, and the power it gives you to inform great business decisions.

However, we’ve been on the front line of collecting data for some of the biggest companies on earth, including Amazon, Microsoft and Oracle, and we know how painful and dev-ops intensive those roles are. When we worked in those positions we dreamed of a tool that would simplify global scale web data collection, imagined the end of Proxies, VPNs, P2P networks and other legacy technologies.

So we built Bungee, scalable from the smallest data jobs to the largest. It is software defined at every level, and it has deep machine intelligence baked into every call. Our decades of experience in web-traffic shaping, rate limiting and captcha resolution, are augmented by state of the art AI/ML.

Never get blocked again or spend resources on dev-ops as Bungee intelligently routes your traffic and simulates human like behavior. Keeping aligned with data privacy, security, and local laws, we carefully monitor how our application is used.

Our team brings together decades of experience collecting data worldwide


Rajat Nigam



Ilya Polkovnichenko



Clarence Chang

UX Designer


Mike Salisbury

Software Intern

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