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Retail’s most accurate and reliable competitive intelligence data.


Get the actionable insights you need to outpace the competition.


Ready-to-use online and offline price intelligence, promotion monitoring, assortment gap management, and out of stock alerts.

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Data-Driven Decisions

Say goodbye to guesswork. Make decisions that drive sales, optimize inventory, and maximize profits.

  • Get intraday, zip-code level price, promotion, assortment, and availability data
  • Automatically match products with hundreds of competitive catalogs
  • Eliminate data cleansing and harmonization
  • Capture data from hard-to-access sites and hard-to-match categories (fresh, private label)
  • Grow and scale your business
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Comprehensive Data Drives Growth

The only vertically-integrated solution on the market and the only analytics you need to win.

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Retail Pricing Intelligence


Assortment Gap Management


Promotion Monitoring


Out of Stock Alerts

️⚡ 1.5+ billion ️

data points collected EVERY DAY

🏪 250+

RETAIL destinations covered

📍 1000s

zip codes covered

🛒 In-store, online, delivery...

no exclusions or interruptions to data collection

"We have made more progress in the past 6 months than the last 2 years. We now work exclusively with Bungee Tech as our competitive intelligence partner."
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Breadth & Depth of Retail Data

Build customer loyalty and drive growth with accurate competitive data.

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Data collection – without interruptions – at scale –  online and in-store.

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Product matching for exact, equivalent, and similar products.

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Get a real-time picture of the retail competitive landscape.

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Optimize price & assortment strategy for growth.

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Price Monitoring &
Assortment Management

  • Monitor other grocery retailers prices so you can make changes to your strategy when needed.
  • Evaluate products by category and competitor.
  • Get a look at in-store and digital price, assortment, promotion, and availability data.
  • Seamlessly integrate with your syndicated data provider (Nielsen, IRI, SPINS).
  • Quantify potential revenue impact on new products.

Retail's Complete Data Solution

Capitalize on emerging trends to build customer loyalty and drive growth

Sell More

  • Offer your customers the best product selection


  • Monitor competitor prices and adjust your strategy without compromising profitability


  • Maximize trade spend / promotional event calendar

Save Time & Money

  • Automate data collection & have a single source of truth for competitive intelligence


  • Get real-time updates on competitor activity


  • Make informed decisions, faster

Succeed At Scale

  • Create data-centric price and assortment plans


  • Innovate your products and prices to build engagement and loyalty


  • Generate reports to help your Executive team better understand progress and opportunities

Case Study: Retailer Pricing & Assortment Automation

Find out how one grocery retailer automated competitive pricing and assortment intelligence to reduce data management costs by 40% while increasing data insights by 200%.


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