Custom Solutions

In an ever-changing, hyper-competitive global market, we believe that data is imperative for success. To stay ahead of the competition, businesses demand access to complete and consistent competitive intelligence for critical decision making, but obtaining data from any singular source creates very limited insights.

We have built a data collection engine that allows us to collect publicly available data from the Internet at scale, just like real users at home. This powerful human emulation, coupled with unique patent pending hardware and networking innovations, enables us to collect information from any website or native application without fail.

Bungee Tech's custom solutions have delivered a multitude of insights specific to various industries, offering services and solutions that cater to our client’s specific needs. Our specialized offerings for Retailers and Brands are just the tip of the iceberg.

If our systems and infrastructure can be geared towards a custom solution for your needs, we will work with you to create a world class solution that exceeds your expectations.

Our patent-pending online technology revolutionizes data collection by circumventing an ever-changing sea of anti-bot defenses, honeypots and captchas to ensure you have access to an uninterrupted flow of mission critical intelligence.

We are then able to match and compare your products, services and offers to your industry’s competitors, generating powerful insights to craft stories that help you compete. This is what we live and breathe every single day; software development, data and analytics that solve customer problems and help exceed profitability, research, and many other business goals.

Ready-to-use intelligence

Our proprietary network collects data from any website or app in any location, available through a simple, self-service API with a useful Chrome browser plug-in.

Simple, customizable integration

Easy to integrate, and simple to set-up, our data is available in any format you need, leaving you free to focus on the details and not the technical operation.

Complete and accurate data

Tap into the highest quality, ready-to-use intelligence with Bungee Tech’s exclusive, automated multi-point validation check and continuous global support.

Leverage dynamic AI matching

Compare the most likely competitor products or services based on images, titles, descriptions, and any other itemized information using AI-driven technology.

Get 1 to 1 comparisons

Score and match any combination of branded and private label products to identify exact or similar items stocked by competing retailers.

Uncover powerful insights

Add-in custom consulting to reveal compelling insights into the competition. Query, filter and visualize data, and monitor the results in convenient dashboards for every user.

Unlock powerful intelligence for your business