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Competitive data helps businesses make informed decisions on pricing, promotions and assortment, but obtaining this valuable market intelligence is becoming increasingly more difficult.

As the scale of competition increases, collecting data from many different locations and channels can be a long, complicated process, and extracting useful information for critical decision making can take much longer to achieve.

At Bungee Tech we simplify the task of data collection by removing the hassle. Your team will never need to deal with tricky anti-bots, proxies or VPNs again.

We combine the power of artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning to extract the most valuable information, with close to 100% data accuracy, and perform complex similarity matching to track and monitor the items that you value the most.

This intelligence fuels our powerful RetailScape and BrandScape analytics packages, unlocking unrivalled insights into your competition. We blend this with reputable syndicated partner data, other online sources, and in-store audit details. We even track printed circulars and digital coupons to complete the industry’s most accurate and reliable source of intelligence, with rich visualizations and dashboards for every user.

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Bungee Tech empowers retailers and brands to compete effectively in an ever-changing landscape. Our technology is currently shaping the grocery and CPG brand markets. As we grow, our coverage across more industry categories and segments will increase every day.

Our customers range from startups to established Fortune 50 companies, including top global retailers and FMCG conglomerates. We avoid publishing names and logos for privacy or contractual reasons.