Bungee gets you the data, saves money, and frees your team from ops.

Collecting market data at scale should be this simple.


Data gathering shouldn't require
legacy VPN's and proxies.


Bungee is a simple way
to launch your data collection.

Direct access to global data

Forget owning VPN and proxy fleets and overpaying for P2P networks.
With automatic Captcha resolution and Anti-Bot avoidance, Bungee intelligently routes your traffic so you’re never blocked again.

Your one stop shop for intelligence gathering

Existing technologies like VPNs or proxy networks is labor intensive, integration heavy, and do not scale.
With Bungee, scraping, crawling, and network endpoints are all abstracted by simple software APIs.

Developer friendly, business centric

Available in over 40+ languages via simple API’s or browser extension.

Node JS

Run your business on the go.
A real time view of usage
and performance statistics.


Berkeley Skydeck Partner

Request an API key and start accelerating your business