Retail Price Optimization Fueled by Accurate Competitive Intelligence

Execute your pricing strategies to grow your business.

Powerful retail performance software purpose-built for data-driven retailers.

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The end-to-end price engine for retail profitability

Empowering all verticals with a price optimization solution fueled by high-quality data to execute price strategies with ease.






Bungee Tech, easy-to-use retail price analytics and optimization solution

Simplify your pricing & category operations

Have a clear understanding of what price changes would have the most impact and see how changes drive results.

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"Bungee Tech sets the bar when it comes to data. They're delivering high-level insights. No one compares in terms of reliability and responsiveness."
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Head of Pricing

Price optimization: Your growth engine

Execute your pricing strategy without those complicated parameters. Set prices in real-time.

Our company started by offering retailers high-quality competitive intelligence and accurate product matching.


Trust our data to be a guiding force that empowers actionable insights to help you seize opportunities and stay a step ahead. Our price optimization solution includes:

  • ML-product matching
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Sales data
  • Automated workflows
  • Pricing rules based on your strategy
  • Execute optimized prices
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Next gen pricing & category management

Comprehensive insights to unleash the power of informed pricing decisions for maximum impact.

fuel your omnichannel strategy with price optimization
product matching accuracy
99 %
products matched
1 B +
cost savings vs in house
40 %
retailers covered
400 +


Price Optimization for Data-Driven Grocers

Dive into the world of price optimization, a key strategy in today’s value-driven market.

"We believe in the pricing analytics because I trust that the data coming in is complete and accurate."
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Ecommerce Health Company

Why Bungee Tech?

Pricing decisions shouldn’t feel like a free fall. Bungee will wrap around your systems and scale with you.

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We are a team dedicated to solving the most challenging retail problems.


Results that speak for themselves

Bungee Tech retail customers see top line and bottom line improvements.

Reduce repricing time

Increase conversions

Increased productivity

Match coverage

"Bungee Tech provides the best product matching for our data needs. This data – which includes internal and external data sources – has significantly improved our ability to track the omnichannel competitive landscape."
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Market Insights Manager
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Proud Member of Industry Associations

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Bungee Tech is a proud member of the category management association (CMA, Retail, Brand, Category Manager)
Bungee Tech is a proud member of the International Fresh Produce Association (Fresh, Perishables, Grocery, Retail, Floral)
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Retail Price Optimization Solution

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