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We bring together the right people and the right information to change how the world buys and sells.

Our data solutions help retailers and CPG manufacturers capture pricing, promotion, assortment, and availability data.

No More Leaps of Faith

After years of working with Amazon and other innovative brands, we saw that e-commerce often felt like standing on an edge…  you had to jump without knowing that you would land safely.

We started Bungee Tech to help e-commerce leaders “jump” with confidence – knowing they had a complete and accurate picture of the market to tether their decision making.

To make this a reality, we assembled a global team of retail, brand, data science, ML and analytics experts to bring actionable intelligence to our users at the speed, scale, quality, and relevancy needed to help them grow.

Our Dynamic Investors

Experience + Expertise = Growth

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The Bungee Tech Team

Our goal is to provide consumer brands and retailers data-driven recommendations based on accurate and complete competitive intelligence.

Rajat_ Bungee Tech _ Competitive Data

Rajat Nigam

CEO and Founder
Venkat _ Bungee Tech _ Competitive Data

Venkat PK

Mehul _ Bungee Tech _ Competitive Data

Mehul Hathi

Vice President Customer Success
Aby _ Bungee Tech _ Competitive Data

Abigail David

Director of Talent Management

Come jump with us


Our state-of-the-art ML system creates a retail market map, provides rich insights, and performs autonomous actions.


These are exposed using our well-architected SaaS platforms (embracing 6 pillars of architecture and clean code architecture).

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