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Optimize pricing and find assortment opportunities with mutlichannel data and analytics from Bungee Tech.


Accurate data collection and ML-driven product matching online & in store for action driving analytics.

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Why Grocery Retailers Turn to Competitive Intelligence

Dynamically respond to all competitive threats and opportunities with competitive intelligence built for grocery retailers.


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Promotion Monitoring

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Out of Stock Detection

price monitoring _ price benchmarks

Assortment Optimization

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Secure Your Competitive Edge

Dynamically respond to all competitive threats and opportunities with competitive intelligence built for grocery retailers.

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Collect price & assortment data from physical & digital sources.


Harmonize all data using ML-driven product matching.

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Produce the most accurate geo-specific analytics for assortment & pricing.

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Competitive Price Monitoring

  • See how competitors price their products and get stock availability information
  • Feel confident in product matching to compare prices of private labels
  • Track your price position and monitor competitor prices changes
  • Optimize your price strategy with real-time zip-code level data

Assortment Gap Management

  • Evaluate brand & product gaps by category and competitor
  • Prioritize assortment opportunities with simple rankings
  • Seamlessly integrate your sales data from NPD, IRI, or Nielsen
  • Quantify potential revenue impact of new products
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"Bungee Tech sets the bar when it comes to data. They're delivering high-level insights.
No one compares in terms of reliability and responsiveness."
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Head of Pricing
Retail Customer

The Omnichannel Difference

We help grocery retailers be competitive – across channels – 24/7.


Our partner, Observa, provides in-store, consumer experience insights to retailers.


That means you have relevant data points when you need them and you can identify trends, and measure improvements over time.


Together, it’s never been easier to weave your geo-specific price, promotion, and availability data for actionable insights.

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"We've made more progress in the past 6 months than in the last 2 years.
We now work exclusively with Bungee Tech as our competitive intelligence partner."
competitive data customer quote _ market leading data and analytics for ecommerce cpg and retail
VP Revenue Management
Retail Customer

Best-in-Class Product Matching

We’ve trained multi-modal machine learning models to use both text and images to find exact products, variations, and equivalent products.

Look at this example of strawberries…

  1. Different product images
  2. Different product attributes
  3. Different categorization between retailer catalogs

Our models accurately match & know the two products are the same.

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Results are Within Reach

Competitive data accuracy, coverage, and completeness to drive your growth.

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Uninterrupted data collection

(in store, flyers, online)

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Exact, equivalent, and similar product matching completed at scale

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30%+ increase in sales & save millions on inventory write-offs

Grocers Drive Sales with Competitive Intel

Grocery retailers need an an accurate view of the competitive landscape – capturing price, promotion, assortment, and availability data at brick-and-mortar locations plus through ecom sites. 


Why Bungee Tech? Capture competitive data for all competitors, in all channels, across all locations, every day, intraday.

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How to Conduct an Effective Market Basket Analysis

We’ve outlined best practices and tips for conducting a differential market basket analysis for grocery products.