Optimize Omnichannel Pricing & Assortment

The competitive intelligence tool powered by artificial intelligence helping retailers boost revenue and drive growth.

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Category Management Excellence

  • Collect and track store-level price and in-stock data 
  • Protect pricing strategy with MAP and 1st mover alerts
  • Track digital shelf ranking and competitive changes
  • Evaluate competitor price-pack architecture and OBPPP insights
  • Monitor competitive promotions across geographies
  • Identify assortment gaps and innovation opportunities
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How to Win Customers & Market Share

Pricing Intelligence

Price Competitively

Product matching, brand product matching, accurate data for digital product matching

Discover Competition

cpg promotional comparisons, brand product competitive data

Stock the Right Products

price tracking made easy for retail and manufacturers

Manage Out of Stocks

assortment and availability data

Grow Catalog

Optimize Promotions

Match Pickup Options

"We've made more progress in the past 6 months than the last 2 years. We now work exclusively with Bungee Tech as our competitive intelligence partner."
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Retail Customer

Supercharge Your Competitive Strategy

  • Minimize data interruptions despite competitive site changes.
  • Transform the scale of your competitive strategy.
  • Centralize and simplify data delivery and dashboard accessibility.
  • Accurately match products with hundreds of competitive catalogs.
  • Monitor intraday, zip-code specific competitive pricing.
  • Prioritize competitive assortment gaps.
  • Eliminate cleansing and harmonization.
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Solving Retail's Biggest Challenges with Data

data collection, web scraping, the most accurate and real-time data available on the market

Uninterrupted data collection – in store and online – at a zip-code level

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Accurate product matching for national brands & private labels


Visibility into pricing, promotion, assortment data across market

"Bungee Tech sets the bar when it comes to data. They're delivering high-level insights. No one compares in terms of reliability and responsiveness."
competitive data customer quote _ market leading data and analytics for ecommerce cpg and retail
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