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Increase conversions and reduce inventory write-offs with reliable data and analytics.

Know more. Do more.
Sell more.

Know more.
Do more.
Sell More.


  • Incomplete or inaccurate competitive catalog matching
  • Limited competitive coverage on overlapping products
  • Market blind spots to competitors, delivery providers and specific locations
  • Frequently blocked or interrupted access to competitor data
  • Partial or delayed pricing or assortment data
  • Weekly 40-50 hours manually auditing and cleansing
  • Disconnect between data and action-ability


  • 100% accurate matching to ALL competitive catalogs
  • Accurate and comprehensive match coverage across competitors
  • Intraday, store-level market coverage including pureplay, omnichannel and delivery services
  • Collect from hard-to-access sites and hard-to-match categories (fresh, private label)
  • Elimination of manual mapping and cleansing
  • 24/7 dedicated resources to maintain data quality and accessibility
  • 200X+ increase in accurate product pricing, promotion & assortment data

What is RetailScape?

Data and Analytics for Retail Businesses

The retail industry’s leading data platform to achieve growth KPIs. Monitor pricing, promotion, assortment, and availability data across key competitors and activate change.

  • Stay ahead of the competition
  • Improve strategic price and promotion positioning
  • Get insights at the zip-code level
  • Reduce shrinkage in your categories
  • Find opportunities to accelerate growth
  • Increase conversions & profitability

Retail's Top Market Intelligence & Analytics Solution

Retailers can increase profitability with a data-backed approach.

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Product Matching

cpg promotional comparisons, brand product competitive data

Pricing Intelligence

support _ customer experience _ retail _ brand

Assortment Gap Management

Promotion data _ promotional monitoring _ retail

Promotion Monitoring

analytics and data for retail and cpgs

Actionable Insights

Competitive Intelligence Buying Guide

Track your competitors, automatically match products, and quickly analyze your data to drive effective business decisions.

The Right Data. The Right Places. The Right Time.

Innovative technology and ML-driven analytics for retailers. 

grocery price tracker, product matching across retailers, ecommere pricing intelligence

Compare Retail Banners

retail pricing data, price intelligence, compare prices across retailers

Optimize Prices for Profitability

assortment gap, assortment gap management, identify opportunities in retail

Assortment Gap Management

promotional comparisons, retail pricing data, retail competitive intelligence

Promotional comparisons

reliable data collection and product matching for retail businesses

Ready-to-Use Data in Any Format

retail analytics, data confidence, retail intelligence software


Outsmart the Competition with
Automated Retail Intelligence

accurate product matching, product matching technology, retail and brand product matching

Less cleansing. More analysis.

  • 99%+ product matching accuracy for millions of products
  • ML-powered and human verified exact and similar matches
  • Unlimited scale of product pricing data, frequency and competitors

More products from more places.

  • Store-level pricing data across categories and competitor set
  • Specializing in fresh, private label and other hard-to match-categories
  • 24/7 dedicated team adjusting to changing retailer sites
Store level pricing data
Syndicated Data Chart

Retail pricing and assortment insights.

  • Product and store-level competitive data dashboards
  • Customizable alerts based on pricing and assortment variances or competitor movement
  • Integrate with syndicated data for price action recommendations
  • Delivered via API, data feeds, events or RetailScape solution

Our Data Delivered Your Way

Raw Data Extract
RetailScape Solution

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See how data will drive profitability for your retail business.

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