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Full Coverage Competitive Intelligence for Pet Retailers to Lead the Market

Drive growth with an accurate, comprehensive view of the pet market.


Get price, promotion, assortment, and availability data from every competitor & every channel.

Beat Your Competition

Transform your competitive intelligence program to compete in real time, win consumer wallet share, build loyalty, and drive growth.

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Price Monitoring & Assortment Management

See how other pet retailers are pricing products & evaluate your assortment

  • Monitor other pet retailers prices so you can make changes to your strategy when needed.
  • Evaluate pet products and pet food gaps by category and competitor.
  • Get a look at in-store and e-commerce based price, assortment, promotion, and availability data.
  • Seamlessly integrate with your syndicated data provider.
  • Quantify potential revenue impact on new pet products and pet food.
"Bungee Tech provides the best product matching for our data needs. This data – which includes internal and external data sources – has significantly improved our ability to track the omnichannel competitive landscape."
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Market Insights Manager
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Breadth And Depth Of Data

Build customer loyalty and drive growth with accurate competitive data

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Take the manual work out of your competitive strategy. We’ll capture all data points online and offline.

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Track and compare exact and similar products for real-time visibility into competitor strategies.

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Grow your business with a real-time picture of the pet retail landscape then review our differentiated analytics.

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Be confident in your business decisions by adjusting strategies based on high-quality competitive data.

"We have used Bungee Tech as our only trusted competitive intelligence platform to price our products competitively 24/7 and increase our selection YOY."
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Remove Data Limitations

  • Monitor an unlimited scale of competitor data
  • Visualize assortment data and get alerts on assortment variances
  • Minimize data interruptions despite site changes
  • Renew your category management approach
  • Understand current market dynamics
  • Monitor intraday, zip-code specific competitive pricing
  • Grow and scale your pet business

Stay Ahead of the Competition

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