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Retail Profitability Solutions for Pet Retailers

Pet retailers drive growth with real-time, zip-code level competitive intelligence, workflow automation, and price optimization.


Competitive intelligence: Your foundation

At the heart of our truly effective price optimization software is accurate competitive intelligence.

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Pet owners are spending more than ever on their furry (or feathery, or scaly) companions. This growth means stiffer competition for pet retailers. Here’s why competitive intelligence is crucial:

  • Understand your competitors’ selection, private labels, pricing, promotions, and availability
  • Monitor competitor pricing and product offerings
  • Identify gaps in your assortment and adjust pricing + find ways to differentiate yourself
  • Discover new trends in pet products and consumer preferences.
"Bungee Tech provides the best product matching for our data needs. This data – which includes internal and external data sources – has significantly improved our ability to track the omnichannel competitive landscape."
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Bungee Tech data and optimization solution

Price optimization for growth

Quickly understand what price adjustments will have the most positive changes on your business.

  • Take the guesswork out of pricing by analyzing competitor prices and customer demand elasticity so that you set a price that’s competitive and profitable
  • Automate price adjustments and create pricing rules that suit your business objectives
  • Set optimal prices based on real-time data to maximize profit margins without sacrificing sales

Breadth And Depth Of Data

Feel confident executing your competitive strategy with automation.

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Take the manual work out of your competitive strategy. We’ll capture all data points online and offline.

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Track and compare exact and similar products for real-time visibility into competitor strategies.

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Grow your business with a real-time picture of the pet retail landscape then review our differentiated analytics.

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Be confident in your business decisions by adjusting strategies based on high-quality competitive data.

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