Bungee Tech - Price optimization & impact analysis

Smart Product Matching for Price Comparison & Assortment Gap Management

An effective competitive intelligence strategy starts with accurate product matching. Retailers get access to an all-in-one, ML-driven product matching library to monitor prices and assortment at scale.

Earn the benefits of product matching:

Product matching: Sharp strategies

ML-driven functionality that makes it easy to see matches, analyze the opportunities, and win the customer.

Automated product matching gives retailers more time to focus on strategic initiatives. Bungee Tech’s product matching tool helps you:

  • Understand your assortment overlap and gaps.
  • Identify how much your competitors are selling matched items for.
  • Drive competitive pricing and assortment decisions.
  • Monitor competitor promotional cycles and availability issues.

Comprehensive match coverage

Access your personal product match library with insights from hard-to-access sites and hard-to-match categories.

» All matches flow into your customized match library.


» Matches are continually updated with changes in the market.


» Match national brands, private labels, and perishable items.


» Category managers can validate and provide feedback to the matches.

"Bungee Tech sets the bar when it comes to data. They're delivering high-level insights. No one compares in terms of reliability and responsiveness."
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Head of Pricing
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Turn insights into revenue

All product data is harmonized so you have ready-to-use insights to drive growth.

Pricing Intelligence

Easy access to your market position to make price adjustments easy.

price optimization

Category Normalization

Inconsistent category hierarchies and taxonomies are a problem of your past.

Standard Reports

Executive-facing dashboards are updated in real-time for added visibility.

Less cleansing, more analysis

Discover the benefits of 99%+ product matching accuracy across millions of products.

  • ML + human verified exact and similar matches
  • Unlimited scale of product pricing data at the frequency you desire
  • Deep online data coverage – price, availability, rebates, and shipping data
  • Quick response to bot changes
  • Alignment with your business rules & quality checked by human auditors
"We've made more progress in the past 6 months than in the last 2 years. We now work exclusively with Bungee Tech as our competitive intelligence partner." ​
competitive data customer quote _ market leading data and analytics for ecommerce cpg and retail
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