Retail Roundtable:
Quarterly Discussion Group

Beyond the traditional webinar – the retail roundtable is a collaborative brain trust created for you!

Our quarterly event brings together grocery retailers to talk about industry news, trends, and challenges.

Event Details:

📅 Tuesday, April 23

⏰ 3pm EST / 12pm PST

🤝 Zoom meeting

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Preview for April's meeting:

Should I Sign Up?

Of course! We welcome you to be a part of Bungee Tech’s quarterly retail share group…


You do not need to be a Bungee Tech customer or partner to get involved. This is a community for everyone in the grocery industry.

Who Else Is In the Share Group?

The purpose of these meetings is for you to network, learn, and problem-solve. Let’s discuss what we’re seeing in the industry. No need to share proprietary information or pricing secrets. The retail roundtable consists of various retail types, job titles, and experience levels. 

Q1's grocery retail roundtable recap:

+ We talked about:

>  What retailers need to do to drive customer value without sacrificing margin.

The growth of more specific/granular pricing strategy enabled by better data and better technology.

The role of AI in identifying and responding to pricing risks and opportunities.

The drive toward faster and more data-driven pricing changes for grocery and omnichannel retailers trying to capture the ecommerce market opportunity.

"We have made more progress in the past 6 months with Bungee Tech than the last 2 years."
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VP Revenue Management
Top 100 Retailer

Price Optimization for Growth

Competitive data should be a guiding force that empowers actionable insights to help you seize opportunities and stay a step ahead.


Bungee Tech’s price optimization solution includes:

  • ML-product matching
  • Competitive intelligence (harmonized with your sales data & strategy)
  • Automated workflows
  • Pricing rules based on your strategy
  • Product-level price recommendations
  • Measurement & impact of price adjustments
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