How Consumer Brands & Retailers Fuel a Successful Omnichannel Strategy

At Bungee Tech, we help CPG brands and retailers outpace the competition.

Get ready-to-use, accurate data on pricing, promotion, assortment, and out of stocks. Know your competition and leverage insights to stay ahead.

Achieve profitable growth today!

Grocery Retailers Competitive Intelligence Solution by Bungee Tech

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A Complete Data Solution

The future of retail and consumer goods data is here. Grow your business with high quality, accurate, comprehensive omnichannel data.

Sell More Online

  • Reduce out of stocks and strengthen your digital supply chain, from delivery to click & collect
  • Boost your search rankings to win more visibility and traffic for your brands and products
  • Optimize your retail advertising campaigns for more ROI
  • Protect profitability and maximize promotions
  • Improve your product, packaging and design based on consumer feedback in ratings & reviews

Save Time & Money

  • Use automation to simplify your eCommerce operations and make teams more efficient
  • Streamline information from hundreds of retailers into a single platform with one login
  • Eliminate the manual checking of pricing, content, inventory, and reviews across all your retailers
  • Act on growth opportunities quickly with guided recommendations
  • Customize email alerts to specific job functions

Succeed At Scale

  • Receive tailored growth strategies for all your markets
  • Arm your cross-functional teams with training and best practice education for winning at eCommerce
  • Synchronize local and global business teams with consistent data and benchmarking scorecards
  • Receive custom competitive analyses for your brands across every market
  • Generate reports to help your Executive team better understand progress and opportunities

Intuitive Dashboards to Drive Profitability

The only vertically-integrated solution on the market and the only analytics you need to win.

Pricing Intelligence

Pricing Intelligence

Product matching, brand product matching, accurate data for digital product matching

Assortment Management

cpg promotional comparisons, brand product competitive data

Promotional Efficiency

price tracking made easy for retail and manufacturers

Digital Shelf Analytics

assortment and availability data

Out of Stock Monitoring

Optimize Promotions

Brand Protection

“Bungee Tech allows manufacturers to be hyper-focused with their retail execution and joint-business planning strategy by eliminating the guess work around the key drivers of in-store and omnichannel activity.”
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2021 POI Retail Execution
Vendor Panorama
Analytics Screen _ CPG Brand Retail Grocery CI

Data-Backed Confidence for CPG Brands

  • Grow profitably across hundreds of retailers
  • Breakdown internal silos and share data visibility across departments
  • Understand impactful vulnerabilities that lead shoppers to your competitors
  • Optimize your channel strategies and stop revenue leaks
  • Identify key value drivers and assess pricing across the category

Data-Backed Confidence for Retailers

  • Get unlimited scale of product pricing data, frequency and competitors
  • Visualize assortment data and get alerts on assortment variances
  • Renew your category management approach
  • Understand current market dynamics
  • Grow and scale your business
Product Landscape _ Brandscape
"We have made more progress in the past 6 months than the last 2 years. We have worked exclusively with Bungee Tech as our competitive intelligence partner."
competitive data customer quote _ market leading data and analytics for ecommerce cpg and retail
VP Revenue Management
Top Retailer

Case Study: Retailer Pricing & Assortment Automation

Find out how one grocery retailer automated competitive pricing and assortment intelligence to reduce data management costs by 40% while increasing data insights by 200%.


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Better Decisions to Power Your Business

quality product matching

High Quality Data

We combine the power of data science with human validation to ensure the highest quality and accuracy

saas _ data feeds _ dashboards _ analytics

Billions of Data Points

The most comprehensive coverage both online and in-store with more data points added every day


World Class Support

Every customer is assigned a dedicated account manager to ensure success

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Actionable Insights

Easily analyze big data to make confident decisions that drive impactful results

pricing promotion assortment availability optimization

Omnichannel Coverage

A complete view of the retail landscape on and offline to optimize your entire business

price data for retailers _ RetailScape

Increased Efficiency

Automated data collection and workflow processes for measurable cost and time savings