RetailScape - Bungee Tech


Product matching, intelligence and analytics for retailers

We believe that data powers the best retail experiences for everyone. To lead the way in an ever-changing environment, retailers need this data to earn and keep their customer’s trust.

Bungee Tech’s RetailScape platform empowers businesses to lead the market with the most definitive source of competitive intelligence and analytics. We offer a complete picture of prices, promotions and availability from e-commerce competitors and conventional brick-and-mortar stores.

See at-a-glance any variance pricing models, discover assortment gaps, and identify opportunities to make strategic changes. We capture millions of unique items every day from websites, mobile apps and APIs covering the most comprehensive roster of retail banners in any location.

Tap into an uninterrupted flow of the highest quality, ready-to-use intelligence combined from reputable syndicated partners, online sources, and in-store audit data. We even track printed circulars and digital coupons. It’s the industry’s most reliable source.

Track millions of products

Get daily details that go beyond the basics to include pricing, promotion and assortment, as well as titles, descriptions, image links, stock status, and more.

Compare the most retail banners

Access a comprehensive roster of national and regional retail banners, including pure-play e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores by any zip code.

Access accurate intelligence

Tap into the highest quality, ready-to-use data with Bungee Tech’s exclusive, automated multi-point validation check and continuous global support.

Get powerful dashboards

Query, filter and visualize data and monitor the results in convenient dashboards designed for pricing, promotion, category and own-brand analysts and merchandisers.

Get 1 to 1 comparisons

Score and match any combination of branded and private label products to identify exact or similar items stocked by competing retailers.

Leverage powerful AI matching

Compare the most likely competitor equivalents based on product images, titles, descriptions, nutrition information and product ingredients with AI-driven technology.

Unlock powerful intelligence for your business