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The Impact of Basket Analysis on Grocery Retail

Data experts share tips for conducting a differential market basket analysis for grocery products.

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What You'll Learn:

  • The difference between predictive market basket analysis and differential market basket analysis
  • The 4 steps to take to implement a comprehensive differential market basket analysis
  • How to analyze recommendations for omnichannel operations based on your data
  • The operational considerations on how and when to conduct your analysis
  • Examples of predictive and differential market basket analyses for grocery products
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Differential Market Basket Analysis for Grocery

Quality customer transaction level data is the first step for performing an accurate differentiate market basket analysis.


We define data quality as a function of accuracy, depth, and coverage of information captured. Product matching is a foundational step in this process.

Grocery's End-to-End Pricing Solution

Simple automation gives grocers visibility into the competitive landscape and an understanding of how price changes will drive results.

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