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Optimize pricing and assortment operations

Take your business to the next level.


Retailers can optimize pricing with AI-fueled automation and analytics solutions.


Easily compare prices across the market and filter the data to see the opportunities in your product categories.

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Retail Price Optimization

Remove those complicated parameters so that you can easily make real-time price adjustments.

  • Fueled by competitive intelligence
  • Analytics-based pricing optimization
  • Increase profits & improve sales
  • Optimize sell-through
  • Align prices to customer needs 
  • Maximize the value of sales
  • Achieve business goals
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A Category Manager's Secret Weapon

If you’ve ever wanted to grow revenue, optimize your pricing strategy, and/or improve selection options… then competitive intelligence is your secret weapon.

data collection, web scraping, the most accurate and real-time data available on the market

Data Collection

Collect price, promotion, availability, and assortment data from brick-and-mortar stores, flyers, and ecommerce sources.


Product Matching

Automate data harmonization and then leverage ML-driven product matching to compare the competitive landscape.

retail analytics, retail competitive intelligence and data

Actionable Analytics

See accurate scaling and normalization. See the most definite geo-specific analytics for assortment & pricing.

"Bungee Tech sets the bar when it comes to data. They're delivering high-level insights.
No one compares in terms of reliability and responsiveness."
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Simplify Retail Category Management

Drive growth with quality data, effective pricing automation.

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Automation & Analytics


Discovery & Prioritization


Optimization & Strategy

"We've made more progress in the past 6 months than in the last 2 years.
We now work exclusively with Bungee Tech as our competitive intelligence partner."
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CMA Webinar Recap

Harnessing Machine Learning & Generative AI
for Retail Revenue Growth

By 2030, the generative AI market alone is projected to reach more than $110 billion dollars. Experts are also saying that in a couple of years, generative AI will account for 10% of all data produced, that’s 10 times more than just a few years ago.


Find out how your business can use artificial intelligence to power your pricing, promotion, and assortment strategies.

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Why Bungee Tech?

Pricing decisions shouldn’t feel like a free fall. Bungee will wrap around your systems and scale with you.

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