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Our Approach

At Bungee Tech, we believe that accurate, high quality data matched with powerful insights propels businesses to innovate faster and deliver extra value to their consumers. To see a complete picture of any market landscape, you also need different types of data to drive efficient business decisions.

For retailers and brands this includes competitor intelligence from multiple channels, both online and in the real world. Panel data, syndicated data, in-store audit data and web analytics are just the start. Add other data streams like sales information, customer conversions and loyalty details and you’re starting to see a clearer picture.

But, getting all of this intelligence from different sources, trusting its accuracy, and then making sense of it all is a challenge, and one that can take lots of time and effort.

At Bungee Tech, our aim is to provide all of this and more in one place. We want to be the data provider you trust to supply accurate, high quality intelligence every time you need it. Our trusted partnership program brings additional added value, and we further generate world class analytics, providing unparalleled insights to help you lead the market.

Our Process

It all starts with data collection. We take pride in our sophisticated collection engines, which gather billions of data points from online public sources every day. We’ve developed this technology using sophisticated algorithms, advanced machine learning, and human-assisted workflows to ensure our data is the most accurate, and of the highest quality.

We then match and correlate many different data points from a huge web of information to find and identify matching products sold in any location. We follow this with continuous, automated monitoring of key data such as price, promotion or availability, and ensure our standards for quality and consistency are met.

Empowered with this unrivalled intelligence, we unlock compelling analytics and insights. Blended with verified partner data from trusted sources such as Nielsen, we can now paint a complete, consolidated picture of the competitive landscape which allows you to make fully informed business decisions.

From Fortune 500 companies to growing start-ups, our wide array of customers trust us to provide market-leading intelligence, and we are just getting started. Join our journey for data-driven decision making using Bungee Tech’s tools for success.

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