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Competitive Intelligence for Forward-Thinking Retailers

The vertically-integrated software solution that solves retailer’s biggest challenges. Optimize your pricing and assortment strategies with reliable omnichannel data.

For Retailers

Reliable data on your store and competitors

  • Pricing Intelligence: Match and compare competitor product prices with total accuracy.
  • Assortment Data: Identify assortment gaps in your catalog and create the best product mix.
  • Promotional Insights: Adjust promotions based on market trends or competitor analysis.
“I think a lot of what's driving traffic - beginning in Q3 - is around our data initiatives... pricing and promo activity with Bungee Tech."
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Data that Drives Omnichannel Growth

Accurate and reliable pricing, promotions, assortment, and availability data to make the most of every decision. 

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Accurate Product Matching

Access a product matching library with a detailed view of your products.

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Complete Data

Consistent online and in store coverage in every location that matters to you.

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Strategic Reporting & Recommendations

Hands-on onboarding and communication of quality metrics and anomalies.

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Product Matching

Product matching is a form of e-commerce data analysis and the process of matching exact or similar products across various sources. 

You have to trust your data collection process and your product matching requirements. With machine learning, you can increase your coverage with confidence.  

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Retail Analytics to Increase Sales

  • Get unlimited scale of product pricing data, frequency and competitors
  • Visualize assortment data and get alerts on assortment variances
  • Renew your category management approach
  • Understand current market dynamics
  • Grow and scale your business

Case Study: Retailer Pricing & Assortment Automation

Find out how one grocery retailer automated competitive pricing and assortment intelligence to reduce data management costs by 40% while increasing data insights by 200%.


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Focus on Price Strategy During Inflation
“We use Bungee Tech as our trusted competitive intelligence platform to price our products competitively."
competitive data customer quote _ market leading data and analytics for ecommerce cpg and retail
VP Pricing
Retail Customer
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A More Comprehensive Way
to Track Your Competition