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How to use competitive data as a business driver

Best practices for retailers and manufacturers to win on price, value, and experience

The ins and outs of price monitoring, promotion tracking, assortment gap management, and availability data

 Cutting-edge strategies to leverage granular insights

Rajat Nigam, founder and CEO of Bungee Tech (data and analytics for retail and cpg)

Your Host: Competitive Intelligence Expert

Rajat Nigam

CEO & Founder of Bungee Tech

Prior to starting Bungee Tech, Rajat was hired by Amazon for a secret data collection project. Then, his career brought him to Starbucks where he launched worldwide mobile applications as the director of global project management.


Now, Rajat helps CPGs and retailers alike – expanding their visibility into omnichannel pricing, assortment, promotion, digital shelf, and availability data. Rajat knows everything about market data and competitive intel and will share his insights during this webinar!

"We have made more progress in the past 6 months with Bungee Tech than the last 2 years."
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VP Revenue Management
Top 100 Retailer


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Price is a critical business elements. With price intelligence, retailers and manufacturers:


» Enhance your strategy

» Increase loyalty & conversions

» Recognize trends

» Offer strong value-perception