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Celebrating 5 Years of Bungee Tech

Celebrating 5 Years of Bungee Tech

It’s an exciting time here at Bungee Tech… We’re celebrating 5 years of competitive intelligence excellence! 


It’s also an exciting time to be part of the retail industry. There’s been so much change, acceleration, and innovation in the last few years. It looks like hybrid shopping will stick around and having an omnichannel approach to your data collection and analytics is invaluable. 


Who We Are

If you’re not familiar with Bungee Tech… welcome! Here’s what we’re all about: Help retailers and manufacturers use the power of data and machine learning to compete in real time, build consumer loyalty, and most importantly – drive growth.


We’re not your average data provider or competitive intelligence vendor. Our data collection, product matching capabilities, and analytics are unlike anything else on the market. Our team is a passionate group with decades of experience in retail, ecommerce, pricing, and the CPG world. 


For this anniversary, I’d like to share our story plus showcase some of our accomplishments. 

Every day, our team… 

+ monitors 250+ retailers 

+ collects more than 1 billion data points 

+ for more than 20 million products 

+ from 10K+ zip codes 

250+ retailers

1 billion+ data points

20 million+ products

10K+ zip codes

Why We Do It

We started as a passion project that launched into business in 2018. Today, our team serves some of the biggest grocery retailers, pet retailers, and consumer goods product manufacturers in the market.  


We strive to deliver the highest quality data at the lowest cost. Because of our resolve to provide accurate, full coverage, complete data (online and offline), our customers see some serious ROI…  


higher conversion

up to 500%

increase in sales based on product popularity and category

$25 million

saved in inventory write-offs across categories

If you’re interested in learning more – fill out this form and we’ll set up some time to chat.

Data Collection

Let’s talk about data collection. With our patented process, we’re able to collect data from some of the hardest sources AND we harmonize it with your internal systems and other third-party providers. 


I just pulled some numbers for a specific retail vertical (pet) where we  


+ monitor 5,500 categories plus subcategories  

+ at more than 130 retailers  

+ across thousands of locations 


It happens automatically. It happens without interruptions. 


Every data point helps our customers see the whole picture of their competitive landscape – which translates to better business decisions for out of stocks, promotions, pricing, and selection. 

retail insights, competitive intelligence insights, market insights


Monitoring deals (& lightning deals) 4x daily across multiple retailers

retail insights, competitive intelligence insights, market insights


~1MM out of stock changes a week (at an average of 142k/day!)

retail insights, competitive intelligence insights, market insights

625 Hours/ Month

Hours of Automated DQ Checks

retail insights, competitive intelligence insights, market insights


GB in Transit

Product Matching

Product matching allows you to compare exact and similar products across the board. I know it’s an incredibly challenging task for many businesses – it’s time consuming and manual processes usually leave too much room for error.


Our team works endlessly to make sure our product matching process is reliable and accurate. We validate matches via human feedback and customers have the ability to validate and provide feedback too.  


Every day, we auto match trillions of products. The technology powering our ML-driven product matching is impressive. Shout out to our engineering team: 

grocery retail competitive intelligence, product matching, growth strategies in retail



grocery retail competitive intelligence, product matching, growth strategies in retail

27 x 355 million

layers x parameters

grocery retail competitive intelligence, product matching, growth strategies in retail

60 x 7 billion

layers x parameters

retail analytics, retail competitive intelligence and data

76 million pairs

matches found that would be a “needle in the haystack” situation

retail analytics, retail competitive intelligence and data


CPU hours saved (due to Delta Run)

Action Driving Analytics

Our data collection and product matching processes would feel incomplete if we didn’t layer analytics on top of your data. We’ve created a series of dashboards and reports that track your data in real-time.


Out of stocks

alert customers to out of stocks



Create over a million pricing suggestions for our customers

What's to Come

That’s a lot of stats and I know we’ll keep building on them! We’re enthusiastic about building out new capabilities, expanding customers accomplishments, and penetrating new markets as we grow. We have lots of exciting ideas on our roadmap and in the works like…


…building a regulation complaint, full stack AR-LLM that’s retail aware, trained on our proprietary data, labelled using our labelling platform, that can perform Auto Product Catalog Management, Review Summary/Topic tagging, Product Semantic/Multi-Model search, Product Support Assistant/Q&A and Auto lead management. Stay tuned!

Rajat Nigam, founder and CEO of Bungee Tech (data and analytics for retail and cpg)

Thanks for your support. As always, give our team a shout if you have questions or are interested in our data solutions. 


Rajat Nigam

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